How anyone can become a better Bowler!

Ready to amaze your friends with your bowling skills? Or do you just want to make sure no one realizes you have no idea how to bowl? The great thing about bowling – other than it’s one of the few sporting pastimes where you can feast on nachos while enjoying a beverage or two – is that most newcomers can get the hang of it quickly.

Let's review some bowling basics if you're currently learning to bowl.

Pick the right ball

A good ball should be comfortable in your hand and weigh about 10 percent of your body weight. In other words, if you weigh 180 pounds, don’t choose the ball that weighs nine pounds. The ball should have a bit of heft to it.

Choose your spot carefully

Those little arrows and dots on the lane are there to help guide you. Remember to pick the same spot each time. A consistent motion at the beginning will help with your timing.

Develop good timing

Every step in your approach should correlate with where your arm is relative to your swing, and where the ball is upon release. Take the same number of steps every time and focus on where the ball is in relation to those steps.

Hand and wrist action

Throwing a straight ball is one of the first goals for any new bowler. Keeping your wrist and arm straight through your whole motion helps with this. Beginners frequently allow their elbows to swing side-to-side – a good way to end up with the dreaded gutter ball.

Finish the way the pros do

Maintain a straight position with your arm and wrist and release the ball as it passes your foot. It's a good idea to allow your throwing hand finish at shoulder level or higher. Enough practice and you'll be able to finish in a balanced position.

Practice makes perfect

Your score may not improve dramatically overnight, but if you focus on these tips -- and less on the nachos and beverages -- you should begin to see improvement in time.  

And if you just can't wait to use these tips to bowl your best game ever, please visit North Bowl and get on your way to enjoying the number one participation sport in America..